How Rent to Own Home Buying Works


Core Principles of Rent to Own Home Agreements

  • The homeowner who is selling enters a lease agreement with the home buyer. The lease lasts anywhere between 12-36 months.
  • During this rental period, the buyer pays monthly rent that is split into two portions.
    • The majority of monthly rent goes to the homeowner who continues paying the mortgage on the home.
    • A negotiated amount goes into escrow and accumulates over the rental period. After the rental period, this money becomes your down-payment.
  • During the rental period, those with bad credit must work on restoring their credit score to 650 or higher.
  • Before the end of the rental period, the homebuyer must get approved for a mortgage to buy the house.

Two Biggest Mistakes Rent to Own Home Buyers Make

  • Those without poor credit fail to restore their credit during the rental period. This prevents them from getting approved for a mortgage at the end of their lease.
  • Rent to Own participants fail to make their rent payments on time, which under most Rent to Own agreements prevents any money being allotted to escrow that month. This also will make banks less likely to lend at the end of the lease.

Our Services

  • provides step-by-step guidance through each of the necessary steps to help you find and finance your dream home.
  • Our team of experienced legal providers work with creditors to help remove negative items from your credit report and establish secure lines of credit. We even apply your monthly rent to your credit score.
  • As a licensed Real Estate broker, we help you arrange an agreement with the seller and work with the loan officer to help get you approved.

The bottom lineā€¦ This could be your opportunity to take the biggest step towards your future financial security. All the money you give away in rent each month could be going towards your own equity. Give us a call today, 800-209-8265, and we will walk you through the process of Rent to Own Home Buying. Its simple, safe, and effective. Join the thousands we have helped reach their dreams of owning their own home.

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